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2016 has been another year of growth and change for the company. It recently dawned on me that July 2016 is the official 5 year mark from when I officially started running Open Spectrum, Inc. full-time. Though I can’t exactly say the last 5 years have “flown by,” I can say that from the core of my being I love my job and can’t imagine doing anything other than what I am doing, right here, right now.

With Q1 and Q2 of 2016 already behind us, this report will hopefully bring you up to speed with everything going on at Open Spectrum, Inc., DeltaForceIT, and within the industry we serve. Our successes will also hopefully give you some insight as to where the company is headed over the next year.

Online Training Platform is Live

After a year of development, retooling, and investments, I am excited to say that our online training platform, the Online Boot Camp, is now live and already receiving registrations from both individual and corporate clients. If you have not had a chance to see it yet, go to and check it out!

We showcased the Online Boot Camp during a soft launch of the platform at the Data Center World and Channel Partner Expo in Las Vegas in March, and received an overwhelming response of, “This is exactly what the industry needs right now. This is exactly what WE need right now!” The industry affirmation of the product is evidence that the Online Boot Camp is the right next step in the growth of Open Spectrum, Inc.

The one/two punch of the live events we offer, and the online platform, is truly powerful and unique. Watching the team that’s been assembled over the past few months come together to execute during the event was also inspiring and humbling. We have over 20 opportunities being worked with potential clients that came from the 3 days of meetings and demonstrations of the Online platform.

Now, the hard work begins as we start closing deals, supporting clients, delivering the experience promised, and adding to the pipeline.

Some Recent Customer Win Highlights

National Master Agency: We have inked a strategic partnership with Microcorp, a national master agency that has been in business for nearly 20 years supporting over 1,600 agents across the country. Throughout 2016 we will be introduced to their team and clients across the country, providing training, and serving as overlays for the complex data center and hosting/cloud opportunities that hit their plate.

Cal State San Luis Obispo: A 3-month consulting project to help their executive and IT team craft a plan around the potential roll out of a new technology park on campus that would include a data center to serve their existing faculty, students, staff, and regional partners.

Regional Telecom Provider: We have been working all year with a regional telecom, data center,and managed service provider that has us engaged with market research, product development, marketing, training, deal support and general strategy. This relationship will continue via a monthly retainer as we continue to provide strategy and support on complex deals that hit their plate throughout the year.

Global Telecom Provider: Though under NDA, we will be helping to structure and lead 5 private 2-day long training events across the country in July for a publicly traded global telecommunications, data center, and managed service provider. The next step after the events will be rolling out access to our online training platform to a 115+ member sales force.

Digital Education Institute: Over the past few months, in conjunction with the Executive Director of the Internet Infrastructure Coalition, I have helped found and become a board member of a new non-profit HQ’d in DC, the Digital Education Institute (DEI). DEI is focused on providing values neutral education and training to congressmen and staffers on Capitol Hill and will leverage the training platform we’ve developed through DeltaForceIT. This has not only introduced me to some very powerful influencers in Washington DC but adds demonstrable recognition and clout to the DeltaForceIT and Open Spectrum, Inc. brands.

Industry Trends

The data center industry continues to grow as the volume of new digital data and content created every second continues to grow near exponentially year over year. Many feel the rapid growth of “cloud” providers such as AWS and Azure will lead to fewer companies needing to colocate their data, however there are a few factors to keep in mind that make this trend a massive positive market influencer for our business:

  • Over 70% of companies, especially SMBs, still keep the data and applications that run their company within a server closet at their office
  • The migration of data and applications from owned infrastructure to hosted infrastructure (which is all a migration “to the cloud” equates to) creates more opportunities for companies like OSI to assist with the transition, transformation and migration of said data and applications
  • Due to the “on demand” click and deploy functionality that IaaS options such as AWS and Azure offer, the need for infrastructure optimization consulting has grown due to server sprawl, drastic overspending and unclear process and security procedures

Have you ever wondered where these hosting/cloud/IaaS providers are storing their data? In data centers, that’s where! The growth of hosted on demand compute resources and applications has led to the need to find ways to securely and quickly connect to said hosted, on demand compute resources and applications. New technologies are constantly coming out that help companies securely and quickly “connect to the cloud.” Although some are purpose-built and owned by AWS/Microsoft/etc., the vast majority of our data still sits within the facilities owned and operated by the traditional, large data center REITs we work with on a day-to-day basis.

In Conclusion

Please keep us in mind, in your heart and on your lips – Your positive thoughts, prayers and recommendations are the spiritual and physical energetics that have honestly fueled this business and my passion over the past 5 years. PLEASE, DO NOT STOP. We are truly transforming lives and accelerating career paths through the training we provide. If you have a minute to read through the testimonials and recommendations we have up on, they are truly awesome.

Thank you for your continued support along this journey,

Sean Patrick Tario

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