When people ask us “Do you guys sell the cloud?”, we take a deep breath, center ourselves, smile and kindly respond with the question, “Yes, but tell me what does Cloud mean to you?”

We’ve been asking our twitter stream this same question for some time, and not surprisingly we’ve received a variety of responses that have been depressing, interesting and even enlightening at times. Here are a few that we feel cover the full spectrum:

  • Common response describing what cloud does, “cloud means you can access data from anywhere”… but not what cloud IS.

  • Cloud, as defined by the user in the terms presented by the service provider currently being leveraged. Though a bit miopic, this is clearly understandable for most consumers.

  • Good understanding of the marketing speak behind cloud. Hits the important point that ‘cloud’ to a technology company means different things, and can mean almost anything that is hosted/hosting related.

  • Lots of data in under 140 characters and hard to decipher… but as we translate this, it’s no different than a fancier way of saying what the first post stated, “access data from anywhere”.

  • This was one of the few responses we received that actually mentioned the PHYSICAL component of cloud and demonstrated an understanding of its many flavors. By far, our favorite 🙂
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