We recently came across a blog post in GigaOM that walked through some hard numbers showing what we have always suspected and heard from entrepreneurs and engineers scaling companies online… Amazon really isn’t all that cheap and most definitely isn’t always “the cheapest” solution out there for growing your business online, especially once you start to push serious traffic.

Yes, there are MANY variables that need to be considered when selecting a hosting provider that play into your total monthly spend and yes, this does not mean that you should be instantly wanting to migrate off AWS if you’re an entrepreneur, but I feel this is a well written post that will force many of us to at least think differently about how we view AWS and other hosting options out there.

Charlie Oppenheimer, the man behind the post, is a serial-CEO and currently an executive-in-residence at venture-capital firm Matrix Partners. His most recent company, Digital Fountain, was acquired by Qualcomm, and his previous company, Aptivia, was acquired by Yahoo. His blog can be found at

Which is less expensive: Amazon or self-hosted?

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