Because having some kind of “cloud” related service you could market and sell was SOOOOOO 2 months ago, I’m now seeing nearly every service provider in the market trying to convince me that they are suddenly capable of selling some new flavor of “PRIVATE cloud”… as though what they’re offering isn’t simply a re-marketing of the same private dedicated virtual hosting solutions they’ve already been selling and delivering for the past few years.

Thankfully, when the last straw hit my inbox from a sales rep at yet another provider I actually work with, and I was about to throw open a window and yell “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”, I happened to be sitting in the offices of my good friends over at Unitas Global downtown Los Angeles who understood my pain. Thus began a most enjoyable conversation with Grant Kirkwood, CEO and Founder of Unitas, (one of the most brilliant, experienced and holistic engineers I know) on what IS and IS NOT a Private Elastic Cloud.

Combined, Grant’s team and I have spoken with over 2 dozen clients over the past few months alone looking to deploy some flavor of “private cloud”. The consensus we came to was that if it is not as easy to spin up new compute and resources as it is to buy a book online, it’s not private ELASTIC cloud. RightScale gets this… who I had been speaking with the day prior on the same topic. I’ll even go so far as to say that those working with OpenStack and CloudStack for the most part get this as well.

One of the most depressing stories I heard during these conversations however was about a client who had spent nearly $2M with the likes of Accenture to build what they thought would be a functional private elastic cloud. They ended up terminating the engagement however, when they realized the sales and engineering team responsible for delivering the solution was doing no more than setting up vmware across a new and expensive Cisco UCS solution… and as the oh so clever Microsoft billboards up and down Highway 101 clearly tell us, “Virtualization does not a cloud solution make”.

Reality is more and more companies are seeing their own internal IT departments preferring to spin up new resources from the likes of Azure and AWS without permission from corporate vs. hassle with whatever complicated approval process for adding compute may be in place at their company. Why? Because it’s simply EASIER for them to do so.

Thus, business process and ease of consumability are essential to delivering a functional and useful private elastic cloud, or we are simply looking at a virtualization or dedicated hosting solution… which is far from anything new or evolved. If you are interested in continuing this conversation and exploring your options, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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