Philbert Shih – I Love Data Centers Podcast Episode 6

Structure Research Logo - The Evolution of Data Center and CloudThis week’s episode of the I Love Data Centers podcast, The Evolution of Data Center and Cloud, with Insights on AsiaPac and Canada, we have a more targeted conversation as Sean interviews Philbert Shih, the Founder and CEO of Structure Research, an independent research and consulting firm. Structure Research is also a member of the Open Spectrum Alliance, and contributes to the Open Spectrum Data Center Market Report intelligence. 
Sean and Philbert dive in by discussing the business drivers behind the evolving MSP and data center industry. Conversation then shifts to the AsiaPac and Canadian markets where Philbert and his team have some unique and deep experience within the marketplace there. This episode is rich with practical information, best practices and industry insight. We hope you enjoy.

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Episode 6 – The Evolution of Data Center and Cloud, with Insights on AsiaPac, Canada

Episode 6 Show Notes

  • Intro 1:13
  • Interview starts 2:31
  • What do you do? 3:29
  • How did you get into tech? 5:29
  • How did you pick up the knowledge and language of the industry? 9:40
  • What types of trends are you seeing in the industry? 12:16
  • On the evolution of major telecom providers buying/selling data center companies 19:25
  • What does the future of our industry look like? 24:31
  • What does the Asian data center market look like right now? 29:13  
  • Where is the biggest density of infrastructure in Asia? 32:47
  • What a U.S. company must consider before attempting to establish a presence in places like Hong Kong 36:12
  • Cost of power in Asia 38:44
  • What are some lessons you have learned while traveling and being involved in these foreign markets?  39:55
  • What does the Canadian data center market look like today? 42:23
  • Will businesses looking to host pick Montreal over Toronto because of the cheaper cost? 47:45
  • Do you think our country’s data privacy laws will discourage Canadian businesses from deploying in the United States? 50:49
  • What services Philbert and his team currently bring to the market. 52:09
  • What are some best practice that more companies in our industry should be emulating? 55:20
  • How to contact Philbert 1:02:24

Links mentioned in this episode

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